GFM Serial

Gear Flow Meters

In Gear Flow Meters, enclosed, medium-filled cavities are created between the teeth and the housing. The flowing measured medium causes the gear pair to rotate freely and without braking.

The speed of the gears is proportional to the flow rate and is picked up by transducers through the housing wall without contact.

• Flow Range:   up to 300 L/min
• Accuracy:   0.3%
• Pressure:   420 bar
• Measuring Principle:   displacement
• Medium Temperature:   -20 ... +120 °C
• Environmental Temperature:   max. +80 °C
• Output Signal:   frequency (rectangle) / 4 ... 20 mA / 0-5VDC
• Supply Voltage Ub:   12 ... 24 VDC

CT Serial

Turbine Flow Meters

The CT turbine flowmeter provides a complete solution to the flow measurement of hydraulic systems. The flow meter can be wildly used in the hydraulic system for development testing, diagnostic, and analysis of hydraulic control systems.

The CT flowmeter is the ideal tool for monitoring the performance of the hydraulic system.

• Flow:   upto 800 L/min
• Pressure:   420 bar
• Output:  frequency (rectangle) / 4 ... 20 mA / 0-5VDC
• Accuracy:   0.5%
• Ambient:   5°C~ 50 °C